Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Tracking System

You should login to your account in frequently, so you can get used to the easy-to-use system, and get ready to know how to read the map, at the same time you can detect any issues with the device (such as the sim-card balance).

You have to login to your account on and track your vehicle from live tracking section, you can as well immobilise the vehicle from moving from “My Account” in the website.

If the vehicle access an area where there’s no GPRS coverage to connect to the servers, please try to call the sim-card number of your vehicle.
If you can reach the requested sim-card, then please send a text message (SMS) requesting the position of the vehicle, the SMS should be in the following form:
You can find the passcode in the contract.

if you can not get an access to the internet, you can mobilise and immobilise the vehicle by sending (SMS) to the device phone number contains on of the following:

to mobilize the vehicle and grant the engine to be switched on:

RESTORE OIL,*passcode*
to immobilise the vehicle and switch off the engine:
CLOSE OIL,*passcode*

Use it when you need to get the vehicle position, but you don’t have an access to the internet,You will get the latitude and longitude coordinates as a reply to your message, you can use them to go to the vehicle using any GPS device.